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Tech & Product DD

Since Predli’s inception we’ve been helping world-class investors and VCs to deeply understand and evaluate the commercial potential & weaknesses in tech deals. Our team has vast experience & know-how of tech companies from the inside, which is centered around turning technology into commercial advantages. As a result our Tech DDs can easily be adapted into a broader Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) on a Tech-oriented target.

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Our methodology

In over two years we have restlessly been iterating, refining and enhancing our Tech DD methodology in order to keep exceeding expectations & needs of our clients. We have learnt a lot along the journey and managed to build up a stellar knowledge base and unique network of tech professionals that we can collaborate with throughout our diligence processes.

Our Framework

Our reports are in-depth, extensive and yet easy to understand. In other words you won’t need a computer science degree to decipher the outputs. They are entirely focused on high-impact technology, product opportunities and risks.

Our analysis and assessment builds upon five overarching dimensions which each consists of a number of sub-categories.

Our findings & views are synthesised and summarized in an easy-to-understand and actionable one-pager. Each section & traffic light is supported by an in-depth analysis in the full report.


Tech Roadmap & Strategy




Performance & Scalability


Risk & Security


Tech Organization

Breakdown Assessment

Tech & Strategy Roadmap

  • Market growth & Trend
  • Positioning in market
  • Roadmap priorities
  • Roadmap feasibility


  • Data defensibility
  • Algorithm defensibility
  • Product replicability
  • Business model defensibility

Performance & Scalability

  • Tech stack choices
  • Frontend UI/UX
  • Integrations
  • Documentation (int./ext.)

Risk & Security

  • Handling of sensitive data
  • Tech & Issue monitoring
  • System resilience

Tech Organisation

  • Leadership team
  • Engineering team
  • Talent attraction & retention
  • Governance & process

Your Options

Light Tech DD

The streamlined Light Tech due-diligence takes about 1 to 3 Days and is suitable for clients looking for a basic Tech & Product validation

Comprehensive Tech DD

The Comprehensive Tech due-diligence takes about 1 to 2 Weeks and is suitable for clients looking for a in-depth analysis of Tech and Product

Our partners help us go deeper