Generative AI & Large Language Models

GenAI and the Future

We are pioneers in creating custom natural language solutions powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI. Our team has deep experience building end-to-end LLM applications tailored to your unique business needs.

Whether you need a summary generator, semantic search engine, report writer or conversational chatbot, we can deliver cutting-edge AI solutions to drive efficiency and insight. Contact us to learn how Generative AI can transform your business.


We follow a rigorous impact-centered design process:

Discover: We deeply understand your needs and objectives through workshops and requirement gathering.

Strategize: Our AI architects select optimal models and infrastructure to solve your challenges.

Build: We fine-tune models on your data and iteratively improve accuracy through human-in-the-loop validation.

Deploy: We containerize models for easy scaling and monitor them post-deployment.

Iterate: Our continuous feedback loops ensure models adapt to changing business environments.











At every stage, interpretability and transparency are key priorities for us. Our solutions seamlessly augment human intelligence.

Our GenAI Solutions

Semantic Search

Unlock insights from your document corpus through Retrieval Augmented Generation

Conversational Bots

Engage customers 24/7 through natural dialog agents.

Report Writing

Give our industry-trained models a seed prompt to auto-generate customized reports.


Our models can generate abstractive summaries personalized to your tone and style.

Companies We've Worked With

Breakdown Assessment

Tech & Strategy Roadmap

  • Market growth & Trend
  • Positioning in market
  • Roadmap priorities
  • Roadmap feasibility


  • Data defensibility
  • Algorithm defensibility
  • Product replicability
  • Business model defensibility

Performance & Scalability

  • Tech stack choices
  • Frontend UI/UX
  • Integrations
  • Documentation (int./ext.)

Risk & Security

  • Handling of sensitive data
  • Tech & Issue monitoring
  • System resilience

Tech Organisation

  • Leadership team
  • Engineering team
  • Talent attraction & retention
  • Governance & process