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Machine Learning Engineer

ML Ops and Integrations

  • Full-time
  • Start date: Immediate
  • Machine Learning and Backend Engineer
  • Location: Stockholm / Remote

Hiring Machine Learning Engineer

Predli is expanding rapidly, as is our need to find talent. If you're the unicorn we're looking for, we promise you the best work environment on Earth.

We are a global company at the forefront of technological development, helping innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies transform their businesses. We have a thriving strategic advisory branch, three tech ventures, and host executive education programs and Masterclasses all over the world.

We are passionate about emerging technologies (Deep Learning, Blockchain, “web3”, “AI” etc). Therefore, we make sure to be a part of, and contribute to, the most exciting tech communities. These communities are where innovation happens and technical boundaries are pushed. This helps us to continuously reinvent ourselves to be able to offer industry-leading advice on emerging technologies and tech-driven business models.

Our headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden (Norrsken), and we have regional offices in Oxford and San Francisco.


What we offer

  1. Remote (time zone within 5 hours from Sweden) or Stockholm based role
  2. Full time (Senior) Machine Learning Engineer role
  3. Competitive salary and stock options program
  4. Flexible work hours
  5. Performance bonus program
  6. Projects all over the world with some of the most exciting companies on the planet
  7. Extensive on-the-job learning opportunities
  8. Work-related travel

What we're looking for

We're hiring a data scientist/machine learning engineer who can lead the way in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions based on machine learning and statistical modeling. You will be confident in the recommendations you make to construct data-driven systems, and you will be able to convey technical requirements to non-technical team members.

Predli offers a fast-paced environment where developers take the lead on several projects and bring diverse technical expertise to the table. An ideal candidate will be familiar with building backend APIs on cloud infrastructure and is well versed in statistical modeling.

How you'll contribute

The primary responsibilities for the role will include:

  • The primary responsibilities for the role will include:
  • Building Statistical/Machine learning models for one or more of the following: financial models, recommendation systems, A/B testing, deep learning models (NLP, CV), churn prediction etc.
  • Deploy models that you develop as microservices on AWS
  • Working with APIs and their integrations
  • Writing unit tests and documentation
  • Using version control, CI/CD, and software engineering best practices.
  • Collaborating with non-technical team members to define critical aspects of the product and business
  • Scripting in Python for automation tasks
  • Architecting data pipelines and designing relational database systems using PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Well-versed in the usage of Spreadsheets and Excel.

You should apply if you have

  • Strong programming skills in Python (Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Pytorch/Tensorflow/Keras, MLFlow, Ray, Spark) and SQL
  • Experience working with AWS / GCP
  • Experience in training and deploying end-to-end machine learning models
  • Experience in integrating Backend API systems with frontend
  • Experience with Flask / FastAPI / Django
  • A strong understanding of consuming and building REST APIs
  • Experience with MLOps, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience with SQL databases
  • CI/CD delivery and standard GitHub/GitLab workflow experience
  • Great communication skills
  • A passion for well written, documented, and maintainable code
  • Excellent Excel skills

Apply with a brief cover letter and your resume. Make sure to include where you're based, when you can start, github repo, personal projects, past job / academic experiences, development tools and libraries you're comfortable with etc.