You cannot improve what you don’t measure

Too much time & resources are spent on fixing unforeseen project setbacks. Leaders need right tools to understand the true state of their critical projects

- That’s why we built Predli Measure

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Realize your project's true potential with unfiltered data

By combining the latest research with the needs of experienced business leaders, we have created a game-changing platform for organizational analytics generating actionalbe insights.
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    Select & adapt
    your analytics framework

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    Rapidly extract data from your projects

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    Take data-driven actions & track the impact

Predli Measure can be used for purposes ranging from benchmarking and insights to 360 analytics and actionable predictions

Selected use cases

Risk Mitigation

The costs of managing  unforeseen issues are much higher than preventing them. Use Predli Measure to collect early warning signals in your transformation projects to make sure that operations run smoothly, targets are reached and deadlines are met.

Improved efficiency and project outcome 

Predli Measure white labelled version is used by consulting firms to create  bespoke frameworks that in a fast and resource-light way helps identify and monitor project success factors. The platform provides previously untapped data from client organisations, enabling consultants to deliver additional project impact and data benchmarks.

Change readiness

Organizational mindset and learning are essential elements for creating resilient & innovative businesses. Predli Measure enables leaders to quantify its current state, identify gaps & continuously track change readiness and learning outcomes.

Digital Maturity Index

Predli Measure helps investors & consultants to assess data awareness & digital maturity of portfolios to unlock untapped value. The tool provides objective & robust metrics to enable  benchmarking and accelerate digitalization.

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